Dive into Water Stories: Onewater Documentaries


Dive into Water Stories: Onewater Documentaries

Somos OceanoS

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a globally recognised tool which are used to conserve marine biodiversity, protect coastal livelihoods, sustain ocean health and boost resilience to climate change.

However, this can also work in the other direction. The consequences of MPA mismanagement include environmental degradation, habitat and biodiversity loss, poor public health, economic damage, and a greater vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

Somos OceanoS aims to combine accessible science communication and community engagement to promote inclusive management of MPAs and to encourage public participation in environmental decision-making. It does so by producing documentaries, facilitating political roundtables, running environmental-cultural activities and creating bilingual newspapers.

In short, SOS helps to ensure that MPAs work effectively without causing adverse social impacts, so that everyone can benefit from a healthy, thriving ocean.